talks & training.

talks & training.

I draw on my personal experience and extensive background working with families and professionals to deliver training and public speaking engagements.
As a skilled facilitator and dynamic communicator, I facilitate workshops offering take-away practical  tips and useful insights  to help guide family caregivers. My speaking engagements and/or education sessions can be tailored to meet your specific needs.
Currently offering complimentary monthly classes on Zoom:

Topics include:

1. NEW Handling Uncertainty in Uncertain times    
2. NEW Just For Today
3. NEW  The Pandemic Fatigues
4. NEW  Cultivating Gratitude
5. Communicating Effectively
6. Finding the Time
7. Grief and Loss
8. Learn from Emotions
9. Stages of Caregiving
10. Care for the Christian Caregiver
11. Dementia 101
12. Dementia 911


$100 per hour for training/keynote speaking /conferences.